Continuous enrolment means our General English courses start on the Monday of any week. There is a non-refundable registration fee of £125 for each of our General English courses, which includes the first book. Additional books are charged between £35 and £45 each.

You can apply for any of our courses and programmes here or download our application form and email it to Once you have applied, you can pay for your course online via Flywire

// International Foundation Programme

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) has been specifically developed for international students who want to study for an undergraduate degree. It provides students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to embark upon undergraduate study at an overseas university. Chose from 4 possible pathways: Business, Engineering, Science or Computing.

For more information on our International Foundation Programme, please click here

9 or 6 months (full time)*: £14,000

* specific entry requirements apply

// General English

Our General English classes provide a professional and relaxed learning environment where students are helped to develop the four essential skills of language communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

15 hours per week: £188
20 hours per week: £250
25 hours per week: £313

// General English and IELTS Preparation

As well as improving their general language capability, students learn and practise key skills and exam techniques required for the IELTS exam.

15 hours General English plus 10 hours of Exam Preparation per week: £338

// General English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Each English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course focuses on career-specific vocabulary and contexts, and is combined with a General English programme in order to develop your overall English language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. These courses benefit professionals who want to develop their English communication skills for a work environment.

1 Student: 15 hours General English + 5 hours ESP per week: £338
2 Students: 15 hours General English + 7.5 hours ESP per week: £338
3 Students or more: 15 hours General English + 10 hours ESP per week: £338

// One-to-One lessons

If you wish to achieve a specific goal, such as studying for an exam, we can provide professional and personal tuition. We can help you identify key areas for improvement, as well as providing support in areas of particular concern to you. One-to-one tuition can be arranged at a time convenient for you at WE Bridge Academy, at your workplace, or at home.

Hours per week – Any: £50 per hour

// Trinity CertTESOL

Our Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cert TESOL) course provides an internationally-recognised teaching qualification in just four weeks.

4-week intensive course*: £1,300

* specific entry requirements apply

// Teacher development courses

Our teacher development courses give English teachers an opportunity to reflect on and develop their own teaching practice. Courses are tailored to learners’ individual needs.

2-week intensive course*: £780

* specific entry requirements apply

// Airport Transfers

You can request an airport transfer when applying to study with us, and prior to your arrival, as long as we are given at least 7 days’ notice. The prices shown below may change depending on your arrival time, any airport delays and your destination.

Cardiff Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £40 one-way

Bristol Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £90 one-way

Heathrow Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £190 one-way

Gatwick Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £240 one-way

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