General English

​General English overview 

Our General English classes provide a professional and relaxed learning environment where students are helped to develop the four essential skills of language communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

Students are asked to complete a placement test before they start a General English course level to ensure that they are placed in the correct level. 

​Levels available 

Beginner (A1), Elementary (A2), Pre-Intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B1+), Upper-Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1)

Please note that each level takes about 10 weeks to complete depending on the ability and progress of the student.  

​Hours available 

15, 20 or 25 hours per week

Course syllabus and learning outcomes 

For detailed information on the course syllabus and learning outcomes for each level of English then please click here to view the document English Language Programme Syllabus 2016-2017.pdf

What your course includes
  1. Pre-course placement test 
  2. Mixed-nationality classes
  3. Average class size of 12 with a maximum class size of 15 during busy times (June to August) 
  4. Individual learning plan for each student  
  5. Continuous student assessment 
  6. Monthly tutorials to discuss each student's progress and learning needs ​
  7. Progress reports 
  8. Certification on the successful completion of each level, and at the end of the course 
​Students aged 16 and 17 ​

Please note that WE Bridge Academy only accepts students who are aged 16 and over. Students who are 16 or 17 will not receive a junior course level of supervision and will be in classes with students who are aged 18+. Students and their parents/guardians should consider this before any under-18-year-old enrols on a course. 

​English Beyond the Classroom 

English Beyond the Classroom gives students the opportunity to leave the classroom and practise their English with native speakers in Cardiff city centre. Under the supervision of teachers, students participate in organised activities that encourage them to absorb vital practical knowledge, engage in real-life conversations, and use everyday vocabulary. This innovative programme allows students to develop their English language skills in a real-life context while having fun and communication with native speakers within the local community. 

Course timetable 

This is a typical timetable for the General English programme: 

​09:30 - 11:00​General English​General English​General English​General English​General English
​11:15 - 12:45​General English ​General English ​General English ​General English​General English
​13:45 - 15:45​English Beyond the
​Conversation  Culture Studies ​Conversation

Course start dates

Students can start on any Monday in the year (apart from Bank Holidays). 

Course fees

* The course registration fee is £125 (non-refundable) and includes the cost of your first coursebook. 

**General English coursebooks cost £35 each and you will need to buy a coursebook for each level of English that you complete.  

Name Price h/week Level
Registration fee (non-refundable)* £125 - -
General English coursebook** £35 each - -
General English (15 ) £188 15 hours per week All levels
General English (20) £250 20 hours per week All levels
General English (25) £313 25 hours per week All levels


Youssef Sidane, 19(Student)Italy

​The General English course was fantastic, I found it very interesting! ​

Camilla Mora, 19(Student)Italy

I thought that the course was very interesting, I learned more things about English grammar but also about festivals, traditions and culture!

Not sure what level of English you have?Test your level of English

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