English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

WE Bridge Academy provides courses and modules in over 30 specific fields of industry and commerce. 

Each English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course focuses on career-specific vocabulary and contexts, and is combined with a General English programme in order to develop your overall English language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

These courses benefit professionals who want to develop their English communication skills for a work environment. 

Some of the ESP courses available: 

Accounting:Topics include bookkeeping, financial statements, taxes, career options, and office interactions. 

Air Force: Topics include the parts and types of aircraft; air force organisation and training; the range of air force career specialisations. 

Banking: Topics include bank accounts, careers, online banking, types of bank, and regulation. 

Business: Topics include making introductions, salary information, doing business with different cultures, quality standards, and business strategy. 

Civil Aviation: Topics include parts of an aircraft, take-off procedures, en route events, landing procedures, and flight hazards. 

Construction - Buildings: Topics include tools, foundations, structures, roofs, and finishing. 

Electronics: Topics include setting up a workplace, electrical safety, transistors, circuits, and reading diagrams. 

Engineering: Topics include tools, materials, number, engineering concepts, converting measurements, and career options. 

Finance: Topics include banking, investing, careers, business operations, and insurance. 

Hotels and Catering: Topics include hotel equipment, bookings, food and beverage services, security issues, and career options. 

Law: Topics include basic legal concepts, court processes, legal billing, evidence, and international law. 

Medical: Topics include hospital employees, parts of the body, patient care, common illnesses, and career options. 

Navy: Topics include parts of a ship, nautical language, types of ships, weaponry, navigation and more. 

Nursing: Topics include hospital departments, basic equipment, specific illnesses, nursing duties, and career options. 

Petroleum: Topics include types of oil rigs, petroleum mapping, oil rig mechanical systems, and the drilling process. 

Others include: Command and Control, Tourism, Information Technology and Police

For a full list of courses, please contact us: info@we-bridge.co.uk 

Levels available  

Pre-Intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B1+), Upper-Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1) 

Hours available 

10 hours per week with 15 hours General English ​

Course syllabus and learning outcomes 

For detailed information about the course syllabus of the General English Programme, then please click here to view the document ​English Language Programme Syllabus 2016-2017.pdf

What your course includes 
  1. Pre-course placement test 
  2. 15 hours of General English with 10 hours of ESP 
  3. Average class size of 12 with a maximum class size of 15 during busy times (June to August) 
  4. Individual learning plan 
  5. Continuous assessment 
  6. Monthly tutorials 
  7. Progress reports 
  8. Certification on the successful completion of each level of English, and at the end of the course 
Students aged 16 and 17 

Please note that WE Bridge Academy only accepts students who are aged 16 and over. Students who are 16 or 17 will not receive a junior course level of supervision and will be in classes with students who are aged 18+. Students and their parents/guardians should consider this before any under-18-year-old enrols on a course.​

Course timetable 

​This is a typical timetable for English for Specific Purposes (ESP). 

​​Time​Monday ​TuesdayWednesday​ThursdayFriday
​09:30 - 11:00​General English ​General English​General English​General EnglishGeneral English 
​11:15 - 12:45​General English ​General English General English ​General EnglishGeneral English 
​13:45 - 15:45​ESP​ESP ​ESPESP​​ESP 

​Course start dates 

Students can start on Monday in the year (apart from Bank Holidays). 

The academy is closed on the following Bank Holidays in 2017: 02 January, 14 April, 17 April, 01 May, 29 May, 28 August. 

The academy is also closed for the Christmas holidays: 18 December 2017 to 01 January 2018. ​

Course fees 

*There is a non-refundable registration fee of £125; this fee covers the cost of the first General English coursebook. ​

**General English and ESP coursebooks cost £35 each. You will need to buy a coursebook for both General English and ESP, and for each level that you complete. 

Name Price h/week Level
Registration fee (non-refundable)* £125 - -
Coursebook (General English / ESP)** £35 each - -
General English (15 hours per week) plus ESP (10 hours per week) £338 25 hours per week B1, B1+, B2, C1

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