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Practising vowels

Practising vowels

News September 25, 2015

Hamad and Abdulla from Kat's class really like practising English pronunciation. They even have their favourite vowels!

WE Bridge in Caerphilly

WE Bridge in Caerphilly

News August 24, 2015

On Thursday 20th August Kat took Anna, Hanna and Michal, our Teacher Refresher course students from Poland and Spain to Caerphilly to see the famous medieval...

WE Bridge in Peru

WE Bridge in Peru

News August 20, 2015

WE Bridge team wants to wish the best of luck to our representatives in Lima, Peru, who traveled there on a trade mission to improve the...

Introduction to WE Bridge

Who are WE?

We are a professional academy with a specific vision: bridging business, language and culture.

We specialize in providing training that will benefit executives, managers and academics who want to develop professional skills in a multi-cultural global market.

Our clients benefit from high standards of education and individually tailored development programmes making WE Bridge the academy of choice for clients who want to be effective in international business.

Our Goal, Your Investment . . .

WE Bridge stands for West-East Bridge. We are all about bridging nations, cultures, businesses and, most importantly, helping our students achieve their full potential.

So, when you choose WE Bridge International, you are investing in your future achievements!

Dave Henson, Managing Director
Troy Blankenship, Executive Director