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Dave Henson, Managing Director of WE Bridge Dave Henson, Managing Director

Welcome to WE Bridge International

Bridging business, language and culture . . .

Who are WE?

We are a professional academy with a specific vision: bridging business, language and culture.

We specialise in providing training that will benefit executives, managers and academics who want to develop professional skills in a multi-cultural global market.

Our clients benefit from high standards of education and individually tailored development programmes making WE Bridge the academy of choice for clients who want to be effective in international business.

Our Goal, Your Investment . . .

WE Bridge stands for West-East Bridge. We are all about bridging nations, cultures, businesses and, most importantly, helping our students achieve their full potential.

So, when you choose WE Bridge International, you are investing in your future achievements! Contact us, we love to help.

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British Council Accreditation
Cambridge ESOL
Consortium For Global Education
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General English

General English

We can help you quickly grasp the concepts and rapidly become conversant in English however long you're staying in the country. conversant in English however long you're staying in the country. Click here for more info...
English for Specific Purpose

English For Specific Purpose

Supplement our General English course offerings with additional lessons that target business, specific industries, or IELTS preparation. Click here for more info...
Professional Development Training

Professional Development Training

Conversation is one thing, but running a business and speaking with clients in a foreign language is another thing entirely. We can train you in English for Business uses. Click here for more info...
Exam Preparation Courses

Exam Preparation Courses

We offer exam preparation courses covering the most recognised standards for assessing proficiency, including Cambridge PET, CFE, CAE and CPE certificates, and IELTS.
Click here for more info...

Whatever you want to do in life, speaking English will greatly contribute to your success

WE Bridge International is more than just an institute. We are a learning community. We seek to provide a high standard of education in the area of English for Speakers of Other Languages. We also provide professional development courses to start or further your chosen business career. Our staff will assist you in achieving your linguistic, academic and professional goals, launching you towards your chosen career path.
We care about you, our clients, and will do our utmost to invest in your future. We want to build bridges between people, cultures and nations, with integrity, respect and mutually beneficial learning on both sides. When you choose WE Bridge International as your Educational Institute you are investing in a positive outlook for your future.
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